Introductions of Traveling with God


I am someone who enjoys traveling and exploring new places. I also think other people would like to hear about exciting places they could go to in the future. I decided that every now and then I am going to do a blog post about where I have traveled recently. For me a trip could be an hour away, another state, or maybe another country! I believe a trip or adventure could be any place where you don’t typically go to on a regular basis.

I know for many of us it can be easy to travel and not think about why you are going on these trips. I believe it’s important to see where God is shown throughout a trip you go on. I think that everyone is meant to be at the places that they go to. I’m hoping to blog about where and how I saw God on each trip or adventure I go on. God can be shown in many places. This might include a conversation with someone, something I see, or wherever else I notice God on a trip or vacation. 

I hope you decide to join me on these journeys, and that you read along! I also hope that my blog posts will partially take you to these destinations in your mind! Also, if you have any cool places or connections of where I should go to next, then let me know as well! I am open to a numerous amount of possibilities for these adventures! I’m excited to where the journey of life will take me!

I would Love to hear from you!

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Traveling with God


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